Definition of the Tooway™ service


The Service is strictly limited to Internet connections by individual private users. Only limited number packages are proposed and the specifications thereof can only be modified by SatISP (Satellite Internet Service Provider). SatISP are Skylogic, Italy and Eutelsat, France. In order to maintain service quality, SatISP reserves the right to suppress at any time (and for all services) any protocols that are for non-professional use notably Peer-to-Peer protocols. The chosen date for activating a Service Account is the date recorded in the OSS of SatISP. Distributor supplies activation codes (Service Account) to customers.

Basic Service Description

The fixed bidirectional IP satellite services in Ka band described below are dedicated to the consumer market and are offered via the Tooway™ system, which has the following principal characteristics:
- Star network topology with a Hub and user terminals (known as User Terminal or Tooway™ UT);
- Asymmetric Full Duplex transmission;
- TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) in the direction Hub → Tooway™ UT (Outbound, Downstream or Forward Channel);
- TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) in the direction Tooway™ UT → Hub (Inbound, Upstream or Return Channel).

Each Tooway™ UT can be interconnected: to one CPE (e.g. a PC ). No additional software is needed in the CPE.

Internet Access

The Internet Access Service provides shared bandwidth for Internet access and Web navigation via a two-way satellite terminal (User Terminal or Tooway™ TERMINAL). Each Tooway™ TERMINAL operates in a star configuration in which the terminals can belong to different Distributors and clients.

The service uses shared bandwidth in the Hub → Tooway™ MODEM direction (Outbound, Downstream or Forward Channel) and in the Tooway™ MODEM → Hub direction (Inbound, Upstream or Return Channel). The ratio between Inbound and Outbound bandwidth is predetermined by Skylogic depending on estimates of the traffic generated in both directions by the applications commonly used per service category.

There are five standard and seven business service categories differentiated by the allocated monthly volume and the profile of user traffic foreseen.

All services are volume limited. Upon reaching the maximum volume the service will continue but will be degraded. Level of degradation will be subject to paramaters of service categories applied.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

1) Availability rate:

The Service is optimized for an End-to-end service availability rate of ninety-nine point five per cent (99.5%) over 12 sliding months per beam (‘Annual availability rate’) or less than 44 hours per last 365 days annual unavailability rate.

The availability rate excludes interruptions of or degradations in service provision resulting directly or indirectly from atmospheric or extra-atmospheric disturbances (solar storms or solar flares, meteorites, adverse weather conditions, etc.), operations of preventive maintenance carried out after informing the Distributor, downtimes caused by system
hardware and software upgrades when coordinated with the customer and/or solar conjunctions causing earth station outages (of a few minutes per day over a period of three (3) to five (5) days maximum, generally in early March and October).

SatISP and Distributor will devote best effort in order to notify the Client of scheduled maintenance events at least 5 working days in advance on the event.

2) Hot line

Custom care Hot line shall be operational, exclusively in respect of Clients’s requests, from 9:00 local time to 17:00 local time Monday through Friday, excluding official Bulgarian holidays.

The relevant contact numbers are as follows:

tel.: +359 2 411 0131; +359 884 751 720

Through the hotline customers can receive information in near real time status of resources related to technical operation and delivery of Tooway ™ services, for Internet traffic generated and status of their user terminal. Customer identification is required to notify by the user activation code.

The Hot line service is available in Bulgarian and English languages.

3) Terminal status information

End-users can display basilar terminal and account information connecting to the URL (only from computer connected behind the modem).


SatISP = Satellite Internet Service Provider
CPE = Customer premises equipment
DNS = Domain Name System
FAP = Fair Access Policy
FTP = File Transfer Protocol
IDU = In Door Unit (Modem)
IP = Internet Protocol
LAN = Local Area Network
MAC = Medium Access Control
ODU = Out Door Unit, made of TRIA, antenna and cables
TCP = Transport Control Protocol
TDM = Time Division Multlplex
TDMA = Time Division Multiple Access
Tooway™ UT = Tooway User Terminal (UT) made of an IDU and an ODU
UDP = User Datagram Protocol