Satellite Terminal

The satellite terminal uses a modified version of the Wi-Max Protocol. The forward channel works on DVB S2, but the return one works on MF-TDMA. The terminal consists of 3 components: the transmit-receive antenna, an outdoor unit (TRIA) and the indoor unit (modem).

The modem is a model Surfbeam RM4100N-010 of ViaSat. It has the following interfaces:
- 300-800MHz Rx, 1800-2300MHz Tx (1 connector)
- 1 x Ethernet interface (1Gbps)
- USB interface (for future service upgrade)
- 110/220Vac - 30Vdc power supply (<50m IFL length with RG6)
- Black box with blue LED indicators

There is a GUI ( Graphical user interface ) for status information and for the installation and activation of the link.
Maximum power usage: 24W max (typically 21W ).

Weight 1.5 kg., sizes 35x26x8 cm with packaging.

Reliability - MTBF: 22 years.

Outdoor unit - TRIA (transmit and receive integrated assembly) model X0101700A004-CNA:
- 3W amplifier
- Electromagnetic switch of polarization
- 300-800MHz Rx, 1800-2300MHz Tx (1 connector, 2 connectors at the beginning)
- Beeper for antenna pointing
- Maximum length of connecting cable 50m RG6 (cable and connectors not included)

Weight 3.5 kg; sizes 42x23x11 cm with packaging.

Reliability- MTBF: 11 years.

Transmit-Receive antenna 75 cm:
- connected to a vertical tube with a diameter from 40 to 75 mm
- maximum elevation angle 45°

Technical Specifications Surfbeam 2
Technical Specifications Surfbeam 2 plus
Modem User's Guide