Satellite Internet from KA-SAT


• two-way satellite Broadband Internet Access
• Delivery, installation and activation within 3 working days
• DIY option
• Hi-Tech compact and economical VSAT terminals with built-in module for directing
• Browsing
• E-mail
• Download files
• VoIP compatibility
• Skype Compatibility
• Center for customer service and support in English and Bulgarian
• 99.5% guaranteed availability of the service on an annual basis
• Use of an European satellite located in geostationary orbit

Sаtellite Internet generally means Internet access, implemented via a satellite in geostationary orbit (36,000 km above the equator) - VSAT (very small aperture termina) that is installed next to the user equipment. The Internet is an abbreviation for Inter-Network and is a publicly accessible, inter-connected system of computers, in which information and services are offered to consumers and uses protocol like TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol).

The main advantages of satellite internet access are the coverage of the entire country, the ability to rapidly build connectivity and the independence from terrestrial infrastructure. Meanwhile satellite Internet access is characterized by greater latency (ping over 500-600 ms only in the satellite segment) compared to terrestrial solutions, like them it is usually asymmetric. Special accelators are used to reduce the impact of this delay. Orbital positions and the capacity of the transmission environment of each satellite are a limited resource and therefore it is more expensive in contrast to terrestrial alternatives. Until recently, a satellite transponder normally was used by ten thousand users and in only one HUB.

With the launch of the new KA-SAT satellite, which is specially designed for data transmission it became possible to serve about 1 million Internet users in Europe and some areas close to it. The high cost of satellite resources requires the implementation of policies for equal access; limiting the over consumption of some users. Atmospheric interferences have negligible impact on satellite connections. The availability of the service is guaranteed over 99.5% of the year (possible lack of service up to 44 hours).

For the use of satellite Internet access the user needs to install a VSAT terminal consisting of an antenna, external and internal devices (TRIA - transmit and receive integrated assembly and satellite modem) connected with a coaxial cable. The modem has a LAN-port, through which computers or other IP device may be connected.

If you're a typical Internet user, satellite internet access will help you be constantly on-line and will be useful everywhere, especially in places where there is no alternative.

Tooway-packages for satellite access through KA-SAT are currently the best thing available on the market of satellite Internet access in Bulgaria as regards to cost / access speed, and quality. Access through them is unlimited in terms of bandwidth, while an effective mechanism to stop excessive peak by some users at the expense of quality of service for others is implemented. This is the FAP - policy of equal access(fair access policy). The FAP-algorithm continuously reports traffic across all active terminals in the network and reduces the connection speed upon reaching a certain (vary according to subscriptions) thresholds for traffic carried over the network. The central station (etc. HUB) of the network is where FAP is applied. The value for the FAP threshold is different for the different subscription plans.

The volume of carried traffic is calculated as the sum of download-and upload-traffic the traffic for the period (presumably in the ration of 4:1). In addition, in the time window from 23:00 to 07:00 Bulgarian time (CET: 22:00-6:00) received traffic is reported by half. Upon reaching the FAP-limit maximum download speed is reduced. For more details see the section on FAP.

To overcome the FAP-activated limitation Boosters may be used. ( further info)

If you do not know what package would be appropriate for your needs, the following information will help you:
- 60 hours web surfing = 1.5GB
- 1 Music Album = 0.06GB
- 10 Min Video Clip on Youtube = 0.2GB
- Low definition movie = 0.75GB
- DVD quality movie = 4.5GB
- 10 hours Internet radio = 1.2GB