Definition of the Tooway™ Volume Booster

Tooway™ Volume Booster Option Service Definition

1) Purpose
Tooway™ Volume Boosters will provide the possibility to Clients to occasionally assign to their Accounts 1, 10, 50 or 100 GigaByte of extra-volume traffic. Once assigned to a given Account, this extra volume of traffic will be made available on top of the
traffic allowed by the nominal Product currently associated to the Account specifications with nominal product speed (i.e. maximum Downlink/Uplink Speeds).

2) General Specifications

1. A Volume Booster can be assigned to one single Account only (i.e. a specific Volume Booster cannot be assigned to more than one Account).

2. A given Account can be simultaneously associated to several Volume Boosters. Volume Boosters assigned to the same Account will be consumed from the least to the most recently assigned.

3. Each Volume Booster assigned to a given Account will allow that Account for an extra 1, 10, 50, 100 GB of volume on top of the volume allowed by the FAP system: the Volume Booster is consumed only when the Account exceeds the volume threshold, thus avoiding FAP limitation.

NB: FAP system verifies if an Account has exceeded its threshold every 15 minutes. For the sake of clarity, every 15 minutes the system verifies if the Account has exceeded the amount of traffic volume granted by the FAP, if this is the case, then the Volume Booster is used, and its volume consumed, if this is not the case, the Volume Booster is not consumed and the Account uses the standard volume assigned to it.

4. The traffic volume for the Volume Boosters is calculated with the same FAP policies of the
Account’s product and taking into account the possible volume reduction due to the FAP

5. Activation of Volume Booster for non Standard Products will require technical verification and approval.

6. The traffic volume for the Volume Boosters is calculated with the following formula:
VDownload + VUpload = VBooster (considering VUpload ≤ ¼ VDownload.)
VBooster is the Volume of traffic associated to a Booster expressed in Megabyte
VDownload is the Volume of traffic on the forward channel (hub -> terminal) expressed in Megabyte
VUpload is the Volume of traffic on the return channel (terminal -> hub) expressed in Megabyte

7. Traffic accounted on Volume Booster is not accounted for the FAP system and vice versa.

3) States of Volume Booster(s): Full; In use; Empty; Expired.

4) Non assignability of Boosters – change of product - expiration
1. Once assigned to an Account, a Volume Booster cannot be reassigned.
2. Where Change of Product for an Account is possible, if the new Product has the same FAP system of the old Product, the State and Usage of the assigned Boosters shall remain unchanged.
3. Volume Boosters have the same expiration date of the Account where they have been assigned. In other words, once assigned, a Volume Booster of 10, 50 or 100 GB can be used until the end of the monthly cycle of the account it is assigned to. Volume Boosters of 1GB are valid until they are fully consumed. When an Account expires, all unused and partially used Boosters assigned to this Account will expire as well.